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Do you have an idea, do you want a detailed concept or are you just curious about the possibilities?

Rob de Jong

‘We help you make it. Literally.’
‘With my background in trading I always go for the best deal for our clients. Thanks to our unique combination of years of experience and our extensive network of reliable, pragmatic partners worldwide, we can always deliver at the very best price without forgetting ethical concerns.
I am very proud of the variety of customers we can work for developing products that distinguish themselves in quality and appearance.

Together with our partners, we are happy to help you make it. Literally. You can contact us with an elaborated concept or with a global idea. At Global72 we always think along with you how it can be produced better, smarter and cheaper. This is how we get the ultimate product for you. And we don’t care if it’s 10 or 100,000, we always go for the best.’

Rob de Jong
Partner GLOBAL72

‘It’s the team work that makes the dream work’
I took all the steps in my career being a head of marketing for various brands with the thought; what do I learn from this to be a successful entrepreneur later on and letting grow other brands. I saw more and more opportunities in the market to use my expertise in a targeted manner to help other brands achieve effective exposure. Now I make a difference every day by realizing responsibly produced products for the ultimate brand experience at a fair price. With the conviction “It’s the teamwork makes the dream work!” I always keep the goal in mind and I ensure that you can fully focus on your own business. In the end you are positively surprised by the end result.

Pieter Jan Burgers
Partner GLOBAL72

We look forward connecting with you!

Find out how we contribute to your success with our broad experience in sourcing the hottest premiums and branded products with excellent service for the best price.